Your Tournament-Start

Participating in a tennis tournament (and thus a competition) is an intense experience.

First of all, it is important that such a competitive experience is always exciting and desirable, whether you are a professional player or an advanced beginner.

Look forward to the time of your life.


We all try to do the best we can on the tennis court. In doing so, we create expectations, and we feel pressure. Inevitably, sooner or later, we come to the realization that it is not just the strokes or physical fitness that determines success or failure in a match.

So „mental fitness“ plays a big role. This also must be practiced and trained. Every professional player knows this. And many authors have treated this topic in some really insightful books.

Inner Game Tennis Classic Performance by Tim Gallwey

Winning Ugly by Brad Gilbert

What if we could be as relaxed in competition as in practice? And must pressure necessarily block our actions? The answer is: No, not at all! To „release the knot“, you have to experience the situation, over and over again. And find a way to get along with it. Come let us help you in this exciting process!

Experience competitive tennis without pressure.

Let’s take a closer look at this. The truth is that it’s about much more than tennis. The ability to HIT THE NEXT BALL WITH EXCLUSIVE, FOCUSED AND FREE ENERGY, in other words to simply live and act the unleashed PRESENT MOMENT, makes us creative, peaceful and – yes – successful. You may have noticed before in your life: turning off the flow of distracting thoughts is the key to efficient, yet harmonious action.
This realization is thousands of years old, and yet has often been suppressed in our „civilization.“ I do not want to go too far with my words at this point, nor do I want to present myself as a spiritual teacher. But I would like to refer to such a teacher, who has brought the previously said (among many others) to the point: Eckart Tolle.
In his book „The Power of Now“,  he shows ways how disturbing and obsessive thoughts can be overcome. Whether you will tour with us or not, feel free to take this as a recommendation that can change your life. (Mind you: this has nothing to do with religion.)
In any case, we believe that freeing ourselves from disturbing thoughts can lead us to peace, happiness, and yes: Success. And by „Success“ I also mean, for example, the ability to experience defeat as an enriching, beautiful experience. Which will enable you to proceed further in peace, instead of getting stuck in frustration. However: the tennis court is a wonderful place to practice this. And to reach far higher levels, on- and offcourt.
Start, start now. Experience the competition and benefit from the experience, also for other areas of your life. And regardless of how many matches you win. All this in a beautiful environment and in a pleasant atmosphere.

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