Service and prices

We offer you “all inclusive” service (details see below)

Our prices per week:

„Package 1: Only Organization“

„Our Service includes:

• Accreditation at the French Tennis Federation, provision with a licence to compete
• Obtaining of suitable Classement so tournaments can be entered at the right time
• Planning and designing of your tournament trip
• Inscription into two tournaments per week (maximum)
• Registration fee for those tournaments

In other words: we organize, you travel on your own and pay your own expenses“

Price: € 650,- per week

„Package 2: All Inclusive“

Our Service includes:

• We pick you up at the airport of your arrival and bring you back for departure

• Organization of participation in two, if wanted three tournaments per week

• Design of your individual tournament trip, geared to your wishes and your playing level

• Rent of a caravan / mobile home

• Full board (three meals a day, unlimited softdrinks)

• Meals in Restaurants 4–5 times per week

• Laundry service

• Tennis training and coaching, support during your competition

• Training of coordination and fitness

• Accreditation at the French Tennis Federation, provision with a licence to compete

• Registration fee for tournaments

• Transportation to and from the tournament venues

• Tennis material (balls, strings)

• Entry fees to museums, etc.

In other words, you do not need any money while traveling with us.
Prices per week:

€ 1950,- for adults

€ 1650,- for
adolescents age 15 to 18

€ 1350,- for children
up to age 14

Toddlers up to four years
free of charge

Price for families or groups:

please ask for separate agreement if you travel in a group.

The prices are netto, plus
19% VAT.

„Package 3: Superior“

„Our Service includes:

Everything as in Package 2, plus Accommodation in the best hotel near the tournament site.

  • Prices per week:

€ 4450,- for adults

€ 3990,- for
adolescents age 15 to 18

€ 3350,- for children
up to age 14

Toddlers up to four years
free of charge

Price for families or groups:

please ask for separate agreement if you travel in a group.

The prices are netto, plus
19% VAT.“

For every subsequent week after the first week, you will receive a discount of 5%. Ergo, 5 % for the second, 10% for the third, 15% for the fourth week, etc. Our recommendation would be to book for at the very least two weeks of travelling, taking into consideration your time to arrive, prepare and get used to the circumstances.

Our service

We take charge of procuring for the travel participants the official French Licence without which it is not possible to participate in tournaments taking place in the country. In doing so, an evaluation of the playing ability is necessary. In case of doubt, when there is no recent tournament data available, the participant will meet one of our coaches to ascertain the level (free of charge as a matter of course).

Our coaches and trainers were selected specifically so as to teach more than only the “topspin”.

The French Tennis Federation will expectedly follow our advice about the tennis ability and hand out a corresponding classement for the participant.
Subsequently, a route will be selected so that every player can participate in as many tournaments as possible for his/her classement. The goal should be to play in as many tournaments as possible. Yet it is also possible to have an excursion from the parking space by car to a relatively close tournament in the vicinity in case the situation requires it. We have available encompassing sources to find the best tournament route.

Tennistournaments in france
The participation in tournaments as an enriching experience is the target.

Arrival and accommodations: You are responsible for booking the arrival by plane to Marseille or Nice. Tickets to both destinations are available from €29,90, for example via So much for your task, we will provide the rest. We pick you up from the airport. The journey to the tournaments and the accommodation at the tournament venues is carried out in caravans that we organize. Of course, fees for the campside, gas, automotive insurance is also included in the price.

Coaching and support

At each tournament venue, there is the opportunity to use the courts of the corresponding club for training. We organize the renting of courts and form small groups and sparring partners who are coached by our trainers. The scheduling and the type of training is adapted to the tournament matches.
During tournaments, we also actively provide support for the whole match. In any case, what is of utmost importance to us is the positive experience with the competition. Nobody should be obliged to win. Instead, the goal is to view the participation in the tournament as an enriching experience.

Prize money

Even tournaments in the tiniest French villages pay out prize money. The trophy money earned by players will of course remain completely with the players who won them.


Breakfast is prepared on the campside or served in a café, depending on where we are. In the evening we either cook for you, or visit a stylish French restaurant for Dinner (4–5 times per week). Free beverages and snacks are offered the whole time, we will refill the refrigerator of your caravan permanently (with the exception of alcoholic beverages).

Laundry service

You can do laundry every day free of charge.

Kindly request a specifically priced offer after declaring your designated time interval
-per telephone at 0049 172/ 6487050 (Mr Hartmann)

And in case there are further questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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